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Equestrian sand for any surface stresan® Kirchhellener Sand

Equestrian sand is our passion! The stresan® brand stands for equestrian sand of the highest quality – our Kirchhellener Sand has been used by satisfied riders and riding arena builders throughout Europe since the 1980s. Stremmer Sand + Kies GmbH in Bottrop-Kirchhellen provides you with the right sand for your riding surface or exercise area. stresan® undergoes continuous testing and improvement, so that we can continuously provide the ideal surface for your indoor or outdoor arena or paddock.

What is equestrian sand?

stresan® is a 100% natural product with unique characteristics that make it ideal for use in equestrian sport. Our sand’s fine gradation, round granular shape and high quartz content ensure outstanding water retention capacity, a special compaction and minimum dust – the ideal foundation for horse and rider.

The right surface for every discipline

Each discipline of equestrian sport comes with its own demands with regard to the equestrian surface. We have 18 different stresan® products on offer, providing you with the right equestrian sand for every use. stresan® is a pure quartz sand which has all the properties a good equestrian sand should have: our equestrian sand mixes are virtually dust-free, ensure a safe landing, have a high shearing strength and generate almost no wear to the hoof – and our Kirchhellen Sand holds up even after strong rains.

The interplay between sand and sub-base is especially important in riding arenas. We offer two options: our stresan® A all-round sand requires no drainage system, as drainage occurs over the surface. In this case, the installation of a gradient of between one and two percent must be considered. Your arena has a drainage system? Then we recommend permeable sand mixes with or without aggregates, such as our stresan® V or stresan® N.

For general use in indoor riding arenas we recommend stresan® A all-round equestrian sand – or you can use a specially made sand mix for jumping, dressage, vaulting or lunging. Our sand mixes contain approved wood chips or certified non-woven fleece, allowing you to create the optimum conditions for your equestrian sport. We’d be happy to advise you in person or via email, telephone or video consultation – naturally in consideration of both your needs and your budget.
Western riding makes a variety of surface demands. Our stresan® N Western, a special sliding layer for Western riders, is wonderfully suitable for riding arenas with compacted sub-bases. It is especially pliable, making it ideal for spins and sliding stops.

The paddock offers your horses the opportunity to get some exercise during the day. For these areas we offer the permeable natural sand mix stresan® N Paddock. This high-quality surface provides both a slip-resistant paddock area and a soft place to lie. The turnout area can also be used in the rain; here too, the surface must be coordinated with the sub-base. Our paddock sands are the ideal material for your paddock.
We have developed special surface solutions for competitions and equestrian sport events. Often these surfaces must be installed right before the event, be immediately ready for use and withstand heavy loads. In coordination with the organiser, we’ll provide an individual solution for your particular circumstances. Whether you’re hosting a western show, a jumping test or a stallion parade, we’ll find the right surface for your needs. Let our experience and competence make your event a success – discover the quality of our stresan® equestrian sand mixes!
We’re happy to answer any questions and supply you with relevant materials concerning the sub-base for your surface. Stremmer Sand + Kies GmbH will also advise you on surface maintenance and care, so that you may enjoy your new stresan® surface for a long time. Contact us without obligation via our contact form, arrange an appointment for a video consultation or call us. We look forward to hearing from you!
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