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Equestrian sand for outdoor arenas

When designing an outdoor riding arena, there’s virtually no limit where your imagination might lead you. The challenges in planning? The outdoor arena must withstand not only the weight of machines and horses, but also weathering influences.

This is no problem with our stresan® surfaces together with the right sub-base and proper maintenance. The interplay between surface and sub-base is especially important in outdoor riding arenas. Drainage is essential, for which there are two options: if no drainage sub-base is to be installed, we recommend our natural product stresan® A. This will compress and, with a corresponding gradient of 1 to 2 percent, drain the excess water over the surface.

For vertical drainage by means of a drainage system, we recommend our permeable surfaces such as stresan® fleece mix, stresan® wood chips mix or stresan® natural sand mix. We’ll advise you on the selection of the right equestrian sand and on the maintenance of your riding arena.

Kirchhellener sand for every discipline

In selecting the right sand, we naturally follow the guidelines of the Landscape Development and Landscape Research Society (FLL). For example, the sand’s penetration depth is calculated to best spare your horses’ joints. Not every riding surface is the same, which naturally also applies to equestrian sand. The surface thickness should be 12 cm on the outside. We mix our stresan® equestrian sand individually according to your specifications and needs, adapting it to any area of use and any discipline. This applies equally to both outdoor and indoor areas.

Equestrian sand for jumping, reining or dressage

Do you need stresan® equestrian sand for reining, jumping, dressage or for paddock use? We can provide you with the ideal surface. Discover, like our many satisfied customers, the excellent outdoor drainage and stability of our Kirchhellener Sand. stresan® equestrian sand makes the ideal surface for your outdoor arena – and thus provides the best conditions for horse and rider. Because a quality surface is absolutely essential for optimal training conditions and for your horse’s soundness. The sand’s stability and grip offer support in the balance between horse and rider, and is gentle on both backs and joints.

Equestrian sand for outdoor arenas – learn more now

The costs for your stresan® equestrian sand depend on its area of use. In addition there are selected aggregates that may be used. For outdoor areas, the installation of a sub-base is important – here you may choose between a one-layer or three-layer system. Our trained professional staff can advise you in all areas regarding surfaces for outdoor riding arenas – and your new equestrian sand will be delivered by our company’s own transport fleet. We know your needs and expectations, and will do our very best to fulfil all your demands. stresan® equestrian sand undergoes frequent testing and optimisation, the only way we can ensure optimum quality. Do you have questions about the best surface for your outdoor arena? Contact us without obligation via our contact form, arrange an appointment for a video consultation or call us. We look forward to hearing from you!
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