Equestrian sand for indoor arenas stresan® Kirchhellener Sand

Stremmer Sand + Kies GmbH not only offers stresan® A all-round equestrian sand for your indoor riding arena, but also sand mixes specially made for different equestrian sport disciplines.

Whether for lunging, vaulting, jumping or dressage – we’ll mix our sand with other sand types, approved wood chips or certified fleece to fit your individual needs, and providing you with optimal conditions for maximum riding enjoyment!

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Stremmer Sand + Kies GmbH – experts in indoor riding surfaces

We recommend a surface with a thickness of 10 centimetres for indoor arenas with corresponding sub-bases. If you are converting an existing space with concrete flooring into a horse arena, the layer’s thickness should be increased to 15 cm in order to provide sufficient protection and stability for equine tendons and ligaments.

When planning, don’t forget irrigation – because the sand’s footing is primarily controlled through the watering system, whereby it makes little difference whether you water your arena with a hose or install a professional watering system. You should also consider where it will be exposed to sunlight, since the sand will dry more quickly there than in other places.

Kirchhellener Sand can be used without additives

stresan® all-round sand can be used without additives, because our stresan® equestrian sand’s special grain shape gives it a unique compaction. The footing must have the same thickness overall and be correspondingly maintained for optimum riding properties. This includes cleaning and watering, as well as grooming with a harrow made for this purpose.

stresan® equestrian sand for indoor arenas

To determine how much stresan® equestrian sand you’ll need, multiply your arena’s area by the desired footing thickness in metres, and then by 1.7 t/m3. The result tells you how many tonnes you’ll need. If you just need to fill an existing arena, measure your current footing thickness and when formulating use the difference between the optimum footing thickness in metres. If, for example, the current thickness is just eight centimetres, you must top this up by two centimetres and figure with 0.02 m accordingly.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our stresan® products or need assistance in calculating the right quantity.
Our sand is a 100% natural product and extracted from our own quarry. Want to learn more about stresan®® equestrian sand? Contact us without obligation via our contact form, arrange an appointment for a video consultation or call us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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