Sub-bases for riding surfaces

Our expertise lies in helping you select the right stresan® sand mix for your riding surface – but we also know how the layer beneath your footing should look. This is why we’re happy to advise you in the selection of sub-base materials for your equestrian arena or send you the contact information for riding arena building specialists if desired.

Alongside the right equestrian sand, the ideal sub-base is essential for your surface’s functionality and drainage. This always depends on the local conditions, your budget and your desired footing; for example, with stresan® A, which drains over the surface, or stresan® fleece mix, which is water-permeable.

Look to high-quality solutions when building an outdoor horse arena

For the perfect riding arena, you’ll need more than just a lorry of sand. It requires thorough planning and preparation, with attention paid to the following:

• Necessary building permit
• Choice of location
• ePermission from authorities when using recycled materials
• Soil analysis to evaluate stability

Look to high-quality solutions when choosing materials and their workmanship. If your arena is well designed and well built, it will be an ideal all-weather riding arena, even after heavy rains.

Learn more about sub-bases and suitable stresan® footings

We generally recommend a 3-layer installation to ensure a resilient and long-lasting arena. The bottom layer consists of course gravels to ensure adequate drainage. The second layer is a membrane, on top of which the footing is laid. For this third layer we recommend one of our stresan stresan® equestrian sands. Do you have questions about building riding arenas or about sub-bases in particular? Contact us without obligation via our contact form, arrange an appointment for a video consultation or call us. We look forward to hearing from you!
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