Riding surface removal

Riding surfaces must be replaced after a certain amount of time. How soon depends primarily on the material itself, weather conditions, intensity of use and, above all, on its maintenance.

It often happens that the question of what to do with the old material and how to dispose of it only arises at this particular time. The quantity can’t be neglected, because even small indoor arenas often have enough surface materials to fill several articulated lorries. And the disposal of footings is frequently associated with underestimated costs.
Whether you need stresan® natural sand, stresan® sand-woodchips mixes or stresan® sand-fleece mixes, we’ll be happy to organise affordable removal and professional, environmentally-friendly disposal of your old stresan® footing when you order its replacement through us. Equestrian sand mixes with inorganic aggregates are screened off after hauling, so that the individual particles can be properly disposed of or be used in our quarry in Bottrop.
We can also remove surfaces obtained from other providers for you. Due to the possible presence of pollutants – for example from plastic materials – the disposal of third-party material may take more time and cost more money. A chemical material analysis must be carried out and a proof of origin form filled out, and these data sheets must be sent to us before the material can be hauled away. This analysis is important for the evaluation and ultimately for the decision whether to accept the material. When purchasing your new equestrian sand, please check that its later disposal will not cost more than its purchase.

We can also remove surfaces obtained from other providers for you

Aufgrund von möglichen Schadstoffbelastungen, beispielweise durch die Beimischung von Kunststoffen, ist die Entsorgung von Fremdmaterial mit einem höheren finanziellen und zeitlichen Aufwand verbunden. Bevor das Material abtransportiert wird, muss eine chemische Materialanalyse durchgeführt und ein Herkunftsnachweis ausgefüllt und diese Datenblätter an uns geschickt werden. Diese Analyse ist wichtig für die Beurteilung und letztendliche Entscheidung zur Annahme des Materials.

Restoration of the Kirchheller Heide

We have our own backfilling operation for the purpose of restoration of our excavated areas in the Kirchheller Heide. Our areas are managed professionally and ecologically in order to preserve their natural diversity. To return the area to its original and natural state, we only fill with earth materials of soil class LAGA Z0. This is done in adherence to strict official requirements as well as internal company controls which have been specially developed for this purpose and which go far beyond official and statutory requirements. Thus we can ensure that the filled areas can once again be developed for agricultural use.
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