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Sand used for riding surfaces must have special properties. These include good water retention, shear strength, grip and a round, granular shape to prevent wear to the hoof. It’s also important to know which equestrian sand is right for your plans. Our stresan stresan® equestrian sand mixes are high-quality sands for outdoor spaces, indoor arenas, paddocks and competition grounds.
We provide personalised customer service, have more than 25 years of experience and will be happy to consider your individual wishes and needs. We’ll provide professional advice on all your questions concerning equestrian sand, riding arena construction and surface maintenance, because this is not only our expertise, it’s our passion.

Even the best stresan® surface is only as good as its maintenance. That’s why we’ll advise you not only on choosing the right sand, but also in its proper care. We’ll also recommend suitable grooming tools for your surface. To maintain the surface’s quality and the special properties, it should be regularly cleaned of manure and groomed with a suitable harrow. It is also important that your stresan® surface is kept consistently moist.

Riding surface removal

All footings must be replaced after a certain amount of time. This includes our stresan® products. When you order new footing from us, we’ll remove the old footing – whether just sand or mixed with fleece – and dispose of it professionally and ecologically. This applies primarily to our stresan® surfaces, but also to the surfaces of other companies after a corresponding soil analysis.
Unfortunately the disposal of equestrian sand from other manufacturers may be more expensive, as it may be partly mixed with hazardous materials. For this reason, when buying equestrian sand you should make sure that its disposal won’t end up costing more than its purchase price.

Naturally we offer a premium delivery service for your stresan® sand. This way we can ensure that your high-quality sand is delivered punctually and professionally. For this we use our own fleet of 16 vehicles. Our experienced drivers know exactly how to deliver to riding facilities. We also have special vehicles for delivering to riding arenas with low clearances. You’re located further than 200 km from Bottrop? No problem! In this case your equestrian sand will be delivered through our affordable stresan® standard delivery.
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